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Atlantic Hurricane Tracker

Colonie Weather Online's Exclusive Hurricane Tracking Site

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Storms: 13   Hurricanes: 6
Major Hurricanes: 4

2017 NHC Season Outlook

Storms: 14-19   Hurricanes: 5-9
Major Hurricanes: 2-5

Hurricane Season Averages

Storms: 12   Hurricanes: 6
Major Hurricanes: 3

The Next 5 Days

A small low pressure area, the remnants of Lee, is located roughly midway between the Cabo Verde Islands and the Leeward Islands. Environmental conditions could become marginally conducive for redevelopment of a tropical cyclone by late in the week while the system moves northwestward to northward over the central Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Atlantic IR Satellite

Tropical Atlantic IR Satellite

Gulf of Mexico IR Satellite

Gulf of Mexico IR Satellite

Florida / Bahamas IR Satellite

Florida/Bahamas IR Satellite